NARCISSIST IN YOU-A poem by Gopika S

Flower petals wilt,
I had difficult times,
Countless gazes,
Tears falling down,
Yet, I follow the light in my heart…..
I draw my forgotten dream back in my heart.
Collect all the times I withdrew, and swallow it.
My memories wake me up one by one.
I want to embark on a new trip.
Still you all will stand around and arguing,
And don't understand what I am saying,
Still can't keep up with my flow,
Start rebooting the system,
Cleaning all the useless programs,
Open your heart and release yourself,
I know, there is a surge in your heart,
So don't be like a statue, standing still,
I beg you to have your own opinion,
Don't hold back your deepest fantasies,
Just extent your arms and embrace your ardor,
Believe me, it's a novel feeling…..
If at all you are waiting for people to say 'wow',
Just forget that forever,
People always care to pity,
Never to praise
Stop wasting your time,
Run off, get a mirror,
You know what you feel,
Of course it is true.

                                                                   NEHRU  HOUSE
NARCISSIST IN YOU-A poem by Gopika S NARCISSIST IN YOU-A poem by Gopika S Reviewed by Mujib Rahiman on September 19, 2017 Rating: 5

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