The Veiling Twilight


The fields are becoming silent,

The wind is becoming violent,

Distant away cricket making noise,

From pond, could hear the sound of frogs.

I walked through fields listening to songs,

Evening bell rings at the church,

The breeze of the wind was so chill,

It kissed my cheeks without my will.


Cattles and farmers returning home,

Through the tracks of fields hoppers bouncing,

In front, could see glow worms,

Paying my way to hill top to my home.


Women waiting for their love,

Lightened lamp in front of the yard,

Songs of birds still heard,

Breeze from the paddy fields,

Spread the aroma of nature.


Rain had showered away,

Leaving some fragrance of virgin soul,

The twilight had spread all over,

Moon of its zenith,

Looking down and smiling at us.


Haritha Unni

11th B

Nehru House


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