Thursday, 7 July 2016


                                               I have just ideas to fathom into topics,
                                       but not enough words to put them all together.
                       Combination of lines through practice takes you to higher goals....

Roasted ravioli's aroma spread,
Reaping lass' solitary hush,
Ragging duffer's troops rush,
Through the town, as I lay on the bed.

On the marooned squares of the streets,
Agitated assistance get into duels,
Warriors, face the flaring heat,
Carriers, loaded, strain their feet,
And prosperous philistines reflect their deed.

By the by-lanes and alleys, I stand,
Stranded, I watch the passerby,
Luxurious ladies with Bumbershoots above,
Earnest kids marching like ants.
Move around the town, throughout!

As the drops of blessings fell,
Flashed, the tom-toms of the drum,
Welcoming the nature's next phase,
That'll fill the surfaces with mist,
And will thrill the people's list!   

T.S. Sneha
11 B


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