Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Painting by the Students

Adithi Dileep, VI A

Amith K, IX A

Amritha Vinayan, IV D

Anunandha KM, V C

Aptha D, V D

Arya S Parvathy, VI A

Hari Madhavan S, VIII B

Jincy Maria, VI A

K Arya Sanjay, VIII A

Neha Mohan, V C

Saniya K, VI A

Shivani S, II B

Srivaths S Nair, VII D

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

NARCISSIST IN YOU-A poem by Gopika S

Flower petals wilt,
I had difficult times,
Countless gazes,
Tears falling down,
Yet, I follow the light in my heart…..
I draw my forgotten dream back in my heart.
Collect all the times I withdrew, and swallow it.
My memories wake me up one by one.
I want to embark on a new trip.
Still you all will stand around and arguing,
And don't understand what I am saying,
Still can't keep up with my flow,
Start rebooting the system,
Cleaning all the useless programs,
Open your heart and release yourself,
I know, there is a surge in your heart,
So don't be like a statue, standing still,
I beg you to have your own opinion,
Don't hold back your deepest fantasies,
Just extent your arms and embrace your ardor,
Believe me, it's a novel feeling…..
If at all you are waiting for people to say 'wow',
Just forget that forever,
People always care to pity,
Never to praise
Stop wasting your time,
Run off, get a mirror,
You know what you feel,
Of course it is true.

                                                                   NEHRU  HOUSE

Thursday, 11 August 2016

The Mountain - A Poem by Meghna VM, VIII C

When I looked the mountain
From my house
It was very beautiful
Looking very cheerful
Full of birds and trees
with small flowers and bees
The waterfalls looked very pure
The curiosity to know
that I was unable to cure
The clouds appeared to be its crown
The evenings made the mountain
Deep and brown
Whether it is day or night, the
Beauty of the mountain remains the same
Where no one has the right to claim
How I wish, one day I could go
To the mountain top
To touch the sky!

Meghna V M

Friday, 29 July 2016

A Drawing by Nikhila Vijayan

Nikhila Vijayan
11th A 
Nehru House


The Veiling Twilight


The fields are becoming silent,

The wind is becoming violent,

Distant away cricket making noise,

From pond, could hear the sound of frogs.

I walked through fields listening to songs,

Evening bell rings at the church,

The breeze of the wind was so chill,

It kissed my cheeks without my will.


Cattles and farmers returning home,

Through the tracks of fields hoppers bouncing,

In front, could see glow worms,

Paying my way to hill top to my home.


Women waiting for their love,

Lightened lamp in front of the yard,

Songs of birds still heard,

Breeze from the paddy fields,

Spread the aroma of nature.


Rain had showered away,

Leaving some fragrance of virgin soul,

The twilight had spread all over,

Moon of its zenith,

Looking down and smiling at us.


Haritha Unni

11th B

Nehru House


Thursday, 28 July 2016


I am a man to be
and I have a destiny,
I want to be what I set out to be,
without a doubt undoubtedly,
and no one's going to stop me from,
being a man I'm destined to be!!

People around me are my friend,
but the time my enemy,
I have to make time my friend
and spend it wholly joyfully.

With roads untold in front of me,
there's a lot I can and cannot be,
I have to work towards my goal,
to achieve what is meant for me.

Now I am a man I was meant to be,
with in my hands my destiny,
this is the way I wanted things to be,
so simple and so merry...

I am what I had set out to be,
with no one ever stopping me .....!


Painting by the Students

Adithi Dileep, VI A ` Amith K, IX A Amritha Vinayan, IV D Anunandha KM, V C Aptha D, V D Arya S Parvathy, VI A...